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Q: What do I need to do to prepare for my wedding ceremony on Kaua'i?
A: You will need: 
     (1) to decide on your ceremony date and location. 
     (2) choose an officiant to perform your ceremony and handle your paperwork: reserve your date with them.
     (3) apply for a marriage license.
     (4) set an appointment with a marriage license agent to pick up legal paperwork on island.
Q: Can you help us with this checklist?
A: Yes, upon reserving your date with me, as your officiant I will help guide you through this checklist.
Q: We don't know much about locations to have our ceremony on Kaua'i can you give us info on a great place?
A: Yes, as a local boy raised on Kaua'i, I know some pretty amazing places, we can work together to figure out       what location will be right for you. Should you choose to have your ceremony on a beach (which most               couples choose to do) you will need to also obtain a Beach Permit - which I can help you with as well.
Q: Do you have information and suggestions for wedding planners, photographers, musicians etc.?
A: Yes, there are many great vendors to choose from on Kaua'i, I can connect you to some of my favorite ones.
Q: We heard about you and would like you to be our officiant, but our ceremony is not going to be on Kaua'i?
A: I am open to talking with you about your date and location. Please contact me and let's see if we can figure       out the details to make your ceremony be what you've imagined it to be.
Q: With the after effects of Covid-19 what is your refund policy?
A: To reserve your date with us and set in motion the preparation for you ceremony, we kindly ask for a 50% Non-Refundable Deposit. So in the case of a pandemic such as Covid-19, our team will gladly help you reschedule your event to another available date and time.
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