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akua |  spirit     ha  to breathe     wai water     ki  ti leaf 

acknowledging your love and marriagehawaiian style"

ceremonies by kahu ai
Info #1
aloha o wau mau loa aku no ao kai ua ai kahu ai
Aloha - I am that I am - Ao Kai Ua Ai - Kahu Ai
aloha kia ora e komo mai
I acknowledge the life within you,
asking life to be drawn towards you
and I welcome your presence.
I am Kahu Ai of the island of Kaua'i.
I perform traditional marriage ceremonies
between man and woman in the islands of Hawai'i.
by  including the living elements  of
hawaii's air water and land
the spirit of aloha
"simple and intimate"
hawaiian style
Please feel free to explore and contact me for more
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Created in Hawai'i, on the island of Kaua'i.
Inspired by the Living Spirit of Nature.
Designed to reconnect us to our natural roots.
Our goal is to acknowledge the life giving elements within and around us.
 By applying the gifts and talents we have to illuminate the
intimate connection we share with the air, water and land.
In the spirit of love and aloha.
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